Sunday, May 22, 2016

Music Play List for Guitar Beginners

Learning music instrument is tough especially if you are starting at older age!

I excelled in academics not knowing any musical instrument and boy, I am quite envious of people who can play an instrument. No wonder, I have convinced my kid to learn violin on top of his soccer inclinations.

So, if you or your kid is learning music especially guitar, then, here are good songs for beginners.

It is nice to that there are music lessons and equipment for guitar from,  violin, drums and others from local and online store.

How to Fail from Your Job Interviews

I maybe redundant with this topic, "the interview," but we can't really deny the fact that some good and deserving  applicants fail not because they don't have the technical skills but simply because they don't have what are needed to be seen during the interview.

I gather what experts say about job interview failures, and here is the list of their answers:

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  • Bad attitude. This will include rudeness in answering, bad clothing, tardiness, inappropriate makeup, yawning, arrogance and alike.
  • Not knowing the company and the job applying for. The company wants to know how you can contribute their organization. So, do your research.
  • Talking bad about previous employers. Reserve this side as there can be reason why you have a bad time with your old bosses. Keep this private as much as possible especially during your job interview.
  • Lying. You have to update your resume if there are changes but never say anything that ain't true because your potential employer may have and will cross - reference your resume. So, be truthful.
The list can be longer but the point is be ready for your interview and know what must not be done or said. Good luck!

Reference:  Interview Failures

What Music Can Teach Your Kids

It is summer once again and when your kids are free from school time, they can only celebrate the break with some time on tablets, PCs, xbox and stuffs.

I can only agree to this observation that I'm more than grateful my kid is convinced to join the violin camp again.

And, it was a delight other kids  learning voice lessons and playing musical instruments guitar, flute, piano, with music stand woodwinds and brasswinds and more.

But, what do experts really say about music and kids? Generally, they will say the following:

  1. It will improve them socially.
  2. It will teach them the values of hard work, discipline, teamwork among others.
  3. It will boost their mental faculty.
  4. It will boost their self - esteem.
  5. It will help build their creativity or craftmanship.
  6. and the list goes on. . . 
There is no doubt that music can do wonders as we let our kids grow holistically. So, encourage your kids who like music because you are helping them more.

Reference: Benefits of Music Lessons

Job Interview Tips

One thing I realized about job hunting is the fact that it cant be easy for everyone. I got my successes and failures from job interviews and saw some other applicants fail one after another from interviews.

With graduates fresh from school or for others who are simply out from the job and are searching for a new work, you may get a tip or two from this video taken from Youtube.