Saturday, November 25, 2017

Bina Bangsa School Teachers Support Charity Run Fest 2017

In the Philippines, I used to race competitively but I shall always be grateful that I have my Team Matutum teammates with me to race and have fun together.

So, I could only be happier that I am now in Indonesia teaching in a good school school with good people around. And, to do your passion for running with your  new running group, mine is the Solemates, I could only be grateful everyday.

Before the end of 2017, my fellow teachers were able to run in three different races, latest was the Charity Run for Cancer Patients where around 117 millions rupee were collected from the race. Having  a father stricken with cancer, the run is somehow personal and inspiring to me.

Teachers of Bina Bangsa School - PIK  post - race

Thirty teachers, both from primary and secondary departments,  from Bina Bangsa School - PIK joined other runners in 5KM and 10KM distances.

my fellow teachers - solemates running for cancer patients

With a worthy cause, we couldn't only be proud that we were able to support the run and have fun at the same time. We look forward then to more races in the future with worthy advocacy. 
winning 2nd placer from 10km female category

Now, did I mention that I won, 2nd place in the 10km female category? I was just lucky though!

So, congratulations to the organizers of Charity Run Fest 2017 and to Bina Bangsa School - PIK teachers for one good race, one good cause!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Music: Help You Study for Exam

Final Examination is just around the corner and just recently I had to help some students with their ICT practical as they had their Final Exams in IT. I can't help but at least be worried with them as they cram for their exams.

The idea is to prepare in advance with all the resources, and support groups (teachers, family or studymates). But, you can do better if you have a timetable and strictly follow it and have quality study time.

photo source:

Equally important is the fact that you can use music to help you focus and concentrate.  University research in France, published in Learning and Individual Differences,  found out that students who listened to one-hour music while listening to classical music scored better in their quiz than students who don't.

They say that music can get you to heightened emotional state that makes you more receptive to information. Furthermore,  according to a research from Duke Cancer Institute, music can help lessen the anxiety.

Music help you relax; so, while preparing for your exam, listen to classical music and with crown xls1000 can help you enjoy the music as you focus on your exam.

It is only through hard work, quality reviews, and the right resources can help you get better marks.


Studying for Finals? Let Classical Music Help You

What Travel Can Teach Teachers, Our Taman Mini Escapade

Travel can teach a lot of things to people but I wish to cite good stuffs if you are a teacher.

While on our school term break, my three (3) other teachers had decided to go to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) or simply means "Beautiful Indonesia Mininiature Park."

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is a culture - based recreational park where diverse culture of Indonesia depicted through  various sites where different houses, and other art collections are kept for tourists and locals.

at the site of Bali - inspired area of Taman Mini
At very minimal budget, we maximized the BusWay's TransJakarta big buses where only 3.50 IDR ($.26) was spent for almost 2 hours of travel from GreenBay Pluit Mall to Taman Mini.

We took the cable ride at 40 IDR where we were able to see the  various houses on panoramic scale. I had to get amazed by their beautiful lake where it resembles the different islands of Indonesia.

at Komodo Dragon Museum, Taman Mini, with fellow teachers.

Travel to different places make people, even teachers included to be more confident with their social and directional skills. Good thing though we had one teacher who had been  to Taman Mini several times.

Apart from this, you cant help but learn to adopt to the local language, appreciate their local food and their distinct culture.

So, what valued lesson can teachers acquire from travelling? I think the fact that you get to see diversity and appreciate its richness and uniqueness and how you can actually blend with this new environment can actually help teachers to be open minded especially if students come from different economic or social background.

So, next time you have the chance to travel, go out and explore. You may able to learn new things from it and only you and your students can highly benefit from the fresh experience.

Friday, March 24, 2017

How to Resolve Teacher's Health Issues

Teachers face the the downside of spending hours talking and they have to do that regularly. It is then not surprising that common illnesses are around the throat.

Apart from this, having to sit down checking piles of papers can only mean bad sitting postures or stressed arm and hands for markings.

photo source:

Like any job, stress outlets are important along with enough rest, proper hydration and staying clear from food that can trigger or aggravate any pending throat problems.

Normally, I drink lukewarm water instead of the usual cold water and  I avoid eating sweets as much as possible.

It is indeed true that only a few can stay longer in the teaching profession, but with support from family and friends including the management, teaching can be a very rewarding (usually in non - cash form, too bad). So, take care of yourself, and don't get sick because the students would want to see you around than miss you for days.