Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Know C Programmming Language More

Typically, C is created not only for system applications but also for application programs already. It is used to write language compilers, assemblers, text editors, and print spoolers.

But, to picture out C in perspective, here is the summary (excerpt from www.wikipedia.org):

The C Programming Language (aka "K&R") is the seminal book on C.
Paradigm imperative (procedural), structured
Appeared in 1972
Designed by Dennis Ritchie
Developer Dennis Ritchie & Bell Labs
Typing discipline static, weak, manifest
Major implementations GCC, MSVC, Borland C, Watcom C
Influenced by B (BCPL,CPL), ALGOL 68,[1] Assembly, PL/I, FORTRAN
Influenced awk, csh, C++, C#, Objective-C, BitC, D, Java, JavaScript, Limbo, Perl, PHP

The influences of C in other popular programming languages show that C has become the backbone for more advanced languages that studying it will make us understand current programming languages.

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