Saturday, March 28, 2009

Gaining Edge as IT Graduates

It is unquestionable that IT opportunities are everywhere. But it is with this idea too that the number of IT graduates are proliferating like mushrooms in any open area.

Thus the challenge among fresh graduates is to find the right job for their profession. However, this can be a very source of frustration if you don't possess the right skills, trainings and knowledge on any job the students are applying for.

It is then wise that students while at school must gain that add-on advantage by equipping themselves with valuable skills of communication, character-building, and leadership and organization.

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Further, since IT graduates don't go through board or bar or licensure exams, it is is very wise then that they take certification exams. For one, all IT professionals particularly, in the Philippines are encouraged to take PHILNITS (Jitse), a Japan-sponsored examination that evaluates fundamental skills in IT and software engineering.

Other valuable examinations are the ones given by CISCO to test hardware orientation and software-vendor dependent exams like Microsoft, Linux, Novell or programming - language proficiency exams of the likes of JAVA.

Also, it will add to the students employment-worth if they volunteer or join IT Project Development or Implementation. Not only that their skills are applied and enhanced but this can be an avenue for employment opportunities in the future.

Getting the right job for fresh graduates is difficult and stiff but equipping them with the right tools and skills, they can indeed land on a very rewarding and fulfilling jobs after graduation.

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