Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Blog Layout

With the old free template that this blog originally had, my sister, Tammy was kind enough to ask her good friend, Rose, who is a blog designer. I originally planned to do the blog design myself this summer, but I could not free my hands from school works.

Rose was just generous enough to offer this blog layout for free! Now, who says angels are only in heaven?

I did not know her at all since I was quite busy with projects lately, but she willingly gave her time on this blog. I just couldn't thank her enough!

To Rose, may all your wishes and heart's desires be heard always. Kind-hearted people are rare and hard to find. You are a blessing even to strangers like me! Muchisimas Gracias!


Anonymous said...

Love the new layout.

twinks said...

Hi Rosie,
Like your new layout. Cute. Rose did a great job. Her designs are great.

Btw, will add your blog in my blogroll. Hope to meet you again with Tammy.. hehehe..^_^