Sunday, March 8, 2009

Writing an Impressive Resume

Soon, the graduates will have to leave school and find a job. With the very stiff competition for employment and increasing unemployment rates, the battle for job placement is bloody (figuratively) and rigorous.

I had my fair share of job hunting. But take note that when you are a fresh graduate, you will have bigger pressure and stress when you apply since you are normally not confident with your skills. But having prepared your resume and equipped yourself with skills from school, you have every right to apply, to be interviewed and eventually to get that job.
But, what do we write on our resume? I have cited below few tips that can help you get that employer's positive impression and a chance for an interview.

1. Write your resume in a way that will contribute to the job you are applying for.
Focus on your strengths, your skills and capabilities. Should you have relevant related projects or working experiences, then write them.

2. State only factual information.
In as much as we want to have an impressive resume, we don't want to lie about them. Character is as important as skills. You don't want to cheat your way to employment right?Your facts can always be confirmed through other means. So, don't risk it.

3. Get Some Impressive Working Background.
With the stiffer job placements, your biggest challenge is experience. But if you are a fresh graduate and lack in this area, volunteer in related projects. You character is also evidenced if you do this.

4. Limit your resume to relevant information only.
Do not include all your working experiences or school functions or activities. Highlight only the ones that relate to the job you are applying for.

5. Include your job objective.
When you apply for a job, the vacant position you are applying for is quite specific. Connect your job objective to this. This shows that you have a clear direction and vision of the the job and its required tasks and your supporting skills.

6. Cite authorities who can strongly vouch for your competence.
Normally, companies seek recommendations from valuable persons whom you cited on your resume. Take note that you have to ask their permissions first. We don't want them to be surprised if a stranger calls about you and your performance. These third-party individuals can give you strong points. Thus, while you are in college, make wider connections, be socially active. Be known for your skills and character. You wont have hard times in getting or looking for a job.

7. Update your resume regularly.
If you have recently acquired summer jobs, trainings or certificates, update then your resume. Keep all supporting certificates.

8. Take note of the resume prints, format, grammar, and paper.
A resume is a formal document. Thus, it has to be in a formal and easy-to-read format and free from any smudge or grammar or typing mistake. We want to leave a positive impression. So, take extra careful on these.

9. Remember the content of your resume well.
Your resume is your ticket to the next step, the interview. Your interviewers normally base their questions on your resume. So, this leads us back to tip #2. Your main goal in writing resume is how you can convince your employer that you can be the right person for the job. So, make your resume as your marketing ticket. Make your resume as interesting as possible.

There are other resume-writing tips. I hope the tips above can further help you! Good luck!
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Tyrannt said...

Nice post, finding employement or an internship is extremely competitive. These tips are sure to greatly help.

Nadia said...

Hi Rosalie,
I saw your post at and you asking for help on 'read more' links. Maybe you already found out how to fix that but here is how I did it on my blog:
What I like best with my solution is that the 'read more' link text can be changed within different posts. Hope this helps you. All the best! Nadia

Rosilie said...

reply to Nadia:

wow! thank you for your kindness! I shall indeed try this. I indeed had struggled on the previous technique and just explored my way until I finally get it.

Anonymous said...

I am studying right now but will be enrolled in an internship within a year or two. Your post about writing resumes has helped me a lot. Thanks.