Friday, April 3, 2009

Avoid These Common Job Interview Mistakes

It is expected that right after graduation, graduates shall search for the most desirable job. However, before they can earn their first pay, they have to hurdle the torments of interviews.

I had my fair share of job interview mistakes and I simply want to share these along with other tips to avoid making your job interview a disaster.


1. Dress inappropriately.

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2. Wear loud make up or overkill accessories.
3. Sport foul or disturbing perfume.
4. Answer your cell phone.
5. Lie about your qualifications.
6. be ignorant about the company or job position you are applying for.
7. Go to your interview late.
8. Demand salary information early.
9. Exhibit a boastful or irritating overconfidence or lack of it.
10. Others

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