Saturday, April 4, 2009

Choose an Appropriate Programming Language

Over the years, I have seen a number of programming languages that simply vanish or evolve to something else. However, we could not remain stagnant or fixated with the old programming language that we are familiar or comfortable with. Technology changes over time, and so, does the environment where this technology operates.

It is then only appropriate that we keep abreast with technology and its accompanying programming langauages.

However, the choice of programming language is dependent on several criteria. I highlight the following:

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1. Competency of the programmer on the language
2. Project at hand
3. Time constraints
4. Technolog availability
5. Personnel and/or budget resources
6. Development and Maintenance issues

It is then significant that these criteria among others are properly evaluated before shifting to another programming language.

It must be noted that only when the requiremenets of the client are met that we can say a project is effective. The choice of programming language then is hidden from the client but may occur as a problem during maintenance.

Thus, the proper choice of programming language becomes a vital decision to make.

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Jena Isle said...

Yes, education should be relevant with the times because it is the main goal of education to be able to be of use to the society which it exists in. A very informative post. Thanks for sharing.