Thursday, April 9, 2009

Choose the Right Web Host

With the flourishing popularity and use of Internet, companies and private individuals are maximizing this medium to sell their services or to make their works known. But, web sites are challenged by the right web host. I have a number of blogs, some are web - domain hosted while others are free.

Choosing then the right web host can be critical as it can boost your website or degrade it remarkably. Thus, I have searched on vital criteria that must be evaluated before considering that web host.

I personally evaluate web hosts according to the following:

1. Speed

How fast does the web host load my site?

2. Technical support

Does the web host offer 24/7 technical service? Does my complaint or queries answered immediately?

3. Disk space

How much space will the web host carry? My blogs are loaded with graphics and other multimedia content. Consequently, over the years, disk space can be an issue.

4. Price

A number of web host offer free hosting while others are charging for a fee. But, regardless of the nature of your website, you have to get the worth of every penny spent for that web hosting. Some offer more for higher price while other offer less with sufficient features or otherwise. But, your unique needs should be the basis for selecting the most appropriate web host.

5. Control

If you pay for your web hosting, it is important that you have full control of your web site. It may mean allowing or maximizing disk space, speed, features and all.

6. Features

Does the web host provide the basic essentials for a commercially paid web hosting? Does it support file transfer and email accounts among other things. But, as mentioned above, more feature may mean higher rates. Thus, only seek for features you really need and with that the money that you shall be spending is not at all wasted.

7. Reviews

What do other web host clients say of their web hosts? It pays to listen to their true testimonies and with that, you won't be in anything, you will only feel sorry about. Survey for web hosting may be helpful in selecting the most appropriate web host. It can actually give you an overview of top web hosts that may address your unique web hosting needs.

There are other articles that may provide you a more comprehensive web host criteria. These too can be helpful in choosing the right web host.

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