Saturday, April 11, 2009

Create a Java Database System with MySQL

When my masteral professor asked me to create a database system through Java and MySQL, I was originally anxious since I had very meager background with these software. But, i used Netbeans 6.1 and MySQL 5.0. These were easier to use although these software do have now recent upgrades.Regardless of the version and environment of SQL, typical functions are the following:

1. Insert
To insert new records into the table

2. Update
To update or change record information

3. Delete
To remove permanently a record from a table

4. Select
To view selected records from a given table

My database system, entitled, KSSA General Ledger System was developed in Netbeans 6.1, MySQL 5.0 and iReport 3.0. All these are free for downloads.

For more info with MySQL, you can check their reference manual.


Wtad said...

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ruz said...

Software are also selective in terms of platforms.Good thing your hosting helped.