Thursday, April 16, 2009

Know 2009's Top Open Source (FREE) Software

The debate over proprietary and open source software is getting slimmer and the winner is always the user or client. Free software are readily available and open for download, use and modification. And with this, open - source programs have been the favorites of the greater majority.

For simple or fundamental use of these applications, they are already sufficient. However, should we need to full use the software, then we can pay for meager amount or search for free add-ons.

At this time of crisis, anything free is always welcome. I am even a proud user of these free software that are included in the 2009's TOPS! These include Winamp for music, Firefox for browser, Gmail and Yahoomail for emails, Skype for conferencing, uTorrent for download, WinRar for downloads, Meebo for IM's, and OpenOffice for office.

Check the complete list.

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