Saturday, April 18, 2009

Know That Java is NOT JavaScript

Java is an object-oriented program that is complex but very powerful. Some common applications of Java include business applications, games and other mobile computing programs.

But, it is not to be confused that several websites nowadays make use of JavaScript to produce a more interactive, user-respondent website.

A JavaScript is an interpreted language that does not require machine-code dependency. It is a program or small program that is usually embedded in an HTML file for automatic execution.

Several blogs and websites make use of web host that supports Javascript integration. It is then important that when we choose web host , it is evaluated according to the criteria of speed, technical support, disk space, price, control, features, and reviews as per written in my previous post.

There are then known web hosts that indeed support applications with mixed software orientation like HTML, XML and Javascript. Top web hosts include,,,,,,,,, and

When JavaScript is created in any text editor, it is simply saved and runs immediately through a browser. It does not require any other software for it to execute. Thus, JavaScript is simple and ready to use. Java, on the hand, is meticulous but encompasses wide range of applications which JavaScript cannot still perform.


Bill said...

You have great stuff here. Your very talented.

ruz said...

Thank you Bill. I am indeed honored by your praise.