Sunday, April 19, 2009

Protect Your Programming Files and System

As IT professionals, our works are reflected on the systems and files that we do for our client. These works normally vary in time duration depending on the complexity and scope of our IT projects.

For instance, a simple static website may take only days to perform on an object-oriented environment like Macromedia Dreamweaver. However, if this website is to be made dynamic and integrated with other front-end software like PHP or XML and back-end software like MySQL or Postgrel , then the time duration may be longer. This is also true if programming works are done in C, C++ or Java.

It is then vital that our programming software files should be safeguarded by all means. It is widely known that if a company is hooked to Internet, it faces the risks of hack, virus, and other malicious threats.

A website for instance may be locally hosted or internationally hosted. The choice then for web hosting may be based on your priority for storage, control, performance, and security. Normally, a new website may adopt a shared web hosting at a lower price but the consequences of performance or security and control may be at risk since resources are shared including traffic among others.

To address this issue, a Virtual Private Server may provide a more secured medium at a price between dedicated web hosting and shared web hosting. VPS Hosting then, provides companies higher control of their websites, bigger storage, maximized capabilities of e-commerce, bigger bandwidth at a more reasonable rate. Consequently, the choice for quality Virtual Private Server should be properly evaluated.

We don't want to waste our programming time and works simply because they were compromised by the very medium where we save our files. It is then my personal advice that we secure our works through a more reliable medium. A company is more at risk since what it will lose is the very information that drives the company. This can be a more serious consequence.


Cacai M. said...

Hello Teacher Rose, this is informative! True we have to protect our programmed files and such or else at the snap of our fingers, it will disappear as a wind. huhuhu.
Before I forgot Teacher Rose, I will have to give this award for you, here it is:

rosilie said...

Indeed true cai! My notebook 's hard disk just crashed down. Now, I don't have any copy of my files esp. my classrecord.waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!