Friday, April 24, 2009

Rest From Programming

In my previous post, I mentioned that my new three-week old ASUS Eee PC 1000HA simply stopped functioning. The online ASUS technical support asked me to do a "first-aid" procedure on my notebook but this too was useless. Now, they want me to fill a complain/repair form and ship my notebook for their query and expected repair.

I have my respect for ASUS and their products but I am quite disappointed by this unexpected event. I only wish my case is an exception to others who bought ASUS computers and will be buying in the future. Otherwise, this company will eventually have a flock of similar complaints.

I shall have my unit shipped to them by May since our family member from US will only arrive then. This means, I have a month or more to rest from my JAVA and C programming when I was only starting this in my notebook. What a terrible and forced way to rest from my online works and from programming jobs.

This is indeed a painful way of reviewing more about equipment before actually buying them. I should have listened to our family member when he mentioned that ASUS Eee PC is a terrible unit. I guess this experience made me look at that remark as a clear truth. I only hope ASUS can fix my unit or replace it and really give me the worth of my payment.


twerlyn said...

hala te,kasayang ana oi,unta maau nila..what a hassle jud.mahal raba..

rosilie said...

Hello lyn!

Lagot lagi oi. Mag-hulam hulam na pud ko ani ug gamit sa notebook ni tammy ug akuang bana. Dili gyud ko makagana ug gamit.tsk! Tsk! tsk!