Friday, May 22, 2009

Choose the Appropriate Computer Education Course

There are several specific computer education courses. Topping the list includes computer science and information technology. However, in the Philippines, CHED offers three (3) general categories for computer education: computer science, information technology and information systems.

I was normally asked the distinction of the three programs. These are all highly in demand courses but I asked first students what are their inclinations. If they are interested in computer fundamentals, and engineering works, computer science fits them well. But, if they are more interested in web development, networking, game development among technology - oriented stuffs, then, information technology works best for them. Information System however, requires complementary education in business and management. So, this fits well for business system development and management.

There are now a number of computer schools that offer specific majors under these three major programs. So, choosing the right computer education degree, is always based on the student's primary inclination. With this, his skills and potentials can be further harnessed and motivated.

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