Thursday, May 21, 2009

Evaluate the Effects of Computer Technology

As an information technology education teacher, I emphasize to my students the significant contributions of computer technology to the society and to the institutions in general. Communication, research, e-commerce, entertainment through internet alone are prime examples of these applications.

I personally use the net for my academic and entrepreneurial needs; I research for some online resources to support my instructional references and for some tips and trends for my fashion store where some of the stocks like sexy adult costumes are purchased abroad, specifically, USA.

But, what I am alarmed as a parent and as a teacher is the unrestrained exposure of the young to violence, sexual and physical. If only, there are authorities who actually screen these sites from public access. Most likely, values of human respect and dignity can still be internalized. Environment plays the biggest influence among the young minds. If only adults can be more responsible.

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