Saturday, May 9, 2009

Great Applications Made in C and C++ Languages

I have been searching for applications made in C or C++ and I was only grateful that one article answers this search.

We still teach C and C++ as fundamental programming languages since we know that some of the great applications before and now are done partially or completely in C or C++.

The author has listed below his compiled top ten applications created in C and C++.

1. Adobe systems
2. Google
3. Mozilla
4. MySQL
5. Alias System - Autodesk Maya
6. Winamp Media Player
7. 12D Solutions
8. Bloomberg
9. callas Software
10. Image Systems

OS partially made in C/C++ through their different variants:

1. Apple OS X
2. Microsoft
3. Symbian OS

Click here to check on their details and author's evaluation on these applications.

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