Friday, May 22, 2009

Look for High-End Laptops for Programming Needs

Software programming is draining and frustrating at some time. I quite remember during college days that I slept only for 2-3 hours and sometimes none simply because I kept my days and nights of schooling and programming. My first computer unit was the old and heavy IBM desktop computer. It suited me well in answering my programming requirements from school.

When I started working, I personally bought a 386 Pentium ASUS computer and had been up for several years until I handed it down to my sister who was also working on software projects.

However, since I was all busy with schooling and teaching, I needed then a laptop. We purchased a Dell Inspiron that still functions for almost a decade now. It is highly durable except for the consumed battery and keyboard key because of played games.

Now, I do have my ASUS Eee notebook which got busted while it was 3 - weeks old; quite frustrating. I will soon go back to my IT masteral course and I will be needing a laptop computer that meets my programming requirements. I need something that will endure average hours of use and will offer speed and performance than typical computing.

It is only wiser that we invest on high - end computers if we know that they meet our specific jobs and lifestyle. I am always on the go and restless, my computer must, at least be, portable and durable.

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