Friday, May 22, 2009

Weigh Your Skills and Aptitude for Computer Education

College student dropped outs and delinquents are common to any school and to any college program. But, having a troubled student can be a very frustrating and draining news among parents and schools.

However, when I was once an school administrator, typical reasons given by these delinquents students are that they are simply not interested with their courses; they were just pressured by parents or friends. Other reasons include addiction to computer games, poor study habits and intellectual aptitude.

Computer education programs need prerequisite skills of problem solving and analysis. Other basic skills like communication, and personal relation can also contribute to having a better college life. However, these skills are oftentimes ignored that students are left tormented by poor grades and social pressures.

Thus, if you are not inclined to solitary works, mathematics or science among other things related to computer degrees, better scout for a more preferred degree.

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