Sunday, June 7, 2009

Brace Yourself with School Pressure

June is definitely the start of classes here in the Philippines. Of course, we have to hurdle through a number of typhoons and storms as we head to our schools. But, this is just one of the spices of being a student here.

Filipino students have to battle through traffic, tuition, peer - and - teacher pressure and school requirements.

I work in a school and I definitely enjoy having casual chats with my students. They typically complain of their strict teachers, flirt partners, ill friends, and unwanted weight. I can only laugh with them and give them light advices like study tips, programming habits and weight loss pills review.

But, students can have a fun stay in school if parents, teachers and friends only guide them. Although, this can be too dramatic among college students, however, my experience also tell me that the school level does not guarantee wisdom. Nowadays, motivation and guidance among students are required among all year levels if we don't want them to go astray.

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