Friday, June 26, 2009

Get Wet With Typhoons in Philippine School Year

As a country in the Pacific Ocean region, we suffer with tropical cyclones that run from May to November. Unfortunately, every school year in the Philippines starts in June. This is then frequently tainted and disgruntled by the number of typhoons we have to hurdle until December. Students and teachers must go to school in spite of the lambasted violence of these storms.

Just last year, about 22 tropical cyclones were predicted in the Philippines' area of responsibility. Storm Frank hit the country with devastating damages. The Philippines National Disaster Coordination Council (NDCC) reported on July 2 that the storm affected nearly 4.1 million people across 49 provinces. The typhoon killed 781 people and injured 792 others, while 673 people remain missing. In total, the typhoon damaged 254,744 houses and destroyed 84,706 houses.

This year, we are battling with Typhoon Feria, as 44,000+ persons were stranded as of June 25, 2009, reported by NDCC and the death toll climbs to 8.

We shall definitely struggle with these frequent storms in the coming months. Most Filipinos can simply complain of storms, poverty, health hazards, death, unemployment, injustice.

I only feel sorry of those who have to go to work or school with no slippers on their feet or umbrellas over their head and must work a long way to get to their destination. Life is indeed a hurdle.

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