Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Am Off From School

For a decade I have been a college professor. I was used to the typical dirty works of teaching and school administration. But I was all burned out that I decided to look for a new job away from classrooms.

I am currently hired as a provincial Chamber of Commerce Project Officer, and it is totally administrative in nature. The job requires much innovation, control, wisdom and courage and personal relations. These may expect too highly from me but I wish to give it a try otherwise I shall remain frustrated and regretful for letting this opportunity go past my doorstep.

I indeed miss the school and the casual atmosphere of being with students and fellow teachers on the school's outdoor furniture. But, I won't have the situation changed too. So, perhaps, if I get used to the transition, I can do part time teaching or go full time teaching again.

My new job is definitely a test of my character and brain. Wish me good luck!

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