Saturday, June 27, 2009

Study and Work With Focus

Regardless of what we do, we are asked to work or do on something, may it be in school or somewhere else. Our very focus on these works determines the quality of our efforts. As a student before, we were trained not to do school works while watching televisions or playing games. Somehow, we had to do these dirty works inside our bedrooms without any gadget to distract us.

It indeed helped a lot as we excelled in school. Also, we were taught that we have to get things done way before the deadline so not to get cramped with deadlines and incomplete school requirements.

We hated our parents with all those military - like trainings but as the adage says, " Only parents know best." worked well on our value formation.

These very values are my anchors although, I violate them sometimes, to relax and to have fun. I guess the cue there is to be responsible with time and duties.

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