Saturday, July 11, 2009

Check Top In-Demand Careers

In the recent years, careers in IT and medical-health have been topping the list for employment, but the latter seems subsided when the 2009 Robert Half International Guide says that careers in law, business and IT shall prevail in the coming year.

In IT, specific job stream shall include:

  1. Network administration (LAN, WAN)
  2. Windows administration
  3. Desktop support
  4. Database management
Starting salaries for IT professionals and alike,

  • Graphic designer: $36,000-$49,250
  • Desktop publisher: $35,500-$45,000
  • Motion graphics specialist: $56,000-$87,500
I personally believe that IT shall continue the need for employees as technology consumes worldwide industries. Courses both associate or bachelor or post-graduate in computer science, information technology, and information system can be medium to have a job in the IT arena.

In business, the following shall be hot cakes:

  1. administrative support
  2. Customer service representation
  3. Front-line service
In law, the following shall :

  1. paralegal
  2. legal secretary
  3. legal receptionist
  4. office clerk
Starting salaries for legal workers,
  • Case Clerk (zero to two years' experience): $32,000-$41,000
  • Junior Paralegal (two to three years' experience): $40,500-$49,200
  • Legal Receptionist: $26,750-$38,000
  • Office Clerk: $27,000-$37,250
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