Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I Miss School a Lot

It has been three weeks since I left my a job as a college teacher. I get to like the people around my new job since we have to share an office with Department of Trade and Industry Provincial Area.

I battled with proposals, letters and meetings. I truly miss the time when I can just go back to our store and think of ways how I can increase my store's revenues. Also, there were times when I could just bring my kid to our local park and enjoy the city's swing sets.

I get used to drafting and making a lot of paper works and I shall however, remain hopeful about my new job. It is quite different from the school environment that I was all used to and comfortable with. If I have accomplished enough to prove my worth, I shall go back to teaching and business again. For the moment, I let my sister manage our boutique.

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