Friday, July 31, 2009

Top Jobs for 2009

Amidst recession, countries all over the world do continually experience unemployment and underemployment. But, people can actually assess what industries are emerging and continually persisting.

Here are the top industries for 2009 where jobs continuously sprout. Adopted from

1. Nursing and Medical Services
2. Computing & Engineering
3. Education
4. Green Jobs
5. Energy
6. Infrastructures
7. The New Finance
8. Self-Employment and Small Business
9. Retirement Comeback
10. Telecommuting

In the Philippines, we are promoting highly small enterprises so that out - of - school youth, and mothers among interested can still find means for livelihood.

There are increasing call too for call center agents and other Business Process Outsourcing. Others would work on engineering that indeed attract buyers here and abroad.

The idea here is to assess existing skills and evaluate how these skills can be applied or integrated in these prevailing industries.

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