Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Vacation for Teachers and All

Hawaii Cruise for me (I wish)

One of the jobs that I consider as overwork but underpay is teaching. In the Philippines, a regular teacher will only have a pay rate of 7000.00($152) - 12,000.00($260) monthly for an 8-hour job, not counting the overtime that a teacher renders when preparing lectures at night or checking bundles of papers.

So, as a former teacher, I would want to enjoy my vacation through Caribbean cruises. And since, I have been handling a more stressful job, a vacation shall be most welcomed.

My family and I are saving for a vacation and I do love Carribean Islands a lot. Should we have the resources, I would want to go island hopping with the cruise, enjoy good food, have fun with the cruise amenities and meet new friends.

I will definitely enjoy crystal clear waters of the Carribean sea and savor nature at its best. Hawaii shall be one of my destinations too.

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