Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hard Drive Recovery for Lost Files

When I was still in college and was pursuing BS in Computer Science, we were of course, burdened with dozens of computer programs to work on. I had to hurdle hours of graveyard work with my personal computer at home, and, continued similar efforts at school and elsewhere.

These application programs we developed took time and resources to complete. Thus, if they got lost or damaged, one could say, we were definitely toasted!

I had that awful experience before when my months of hard labor was corrupted. I could only cry of regret and desperation since I did not have any backups to replace my hard drive works. Consequently, I could only work twice as hard to finish the program before the deadline. Of course, I could only address the basic requirements because of the limited time. This made my project a little less feasible.

I had the same experience when my three - week - old notebook simply died. All my classrecords and other files in my teaching profession were kept in my notebook and I simply did not have any hard copy, especially, the raw scores of my students' exams. Thus, I had to ask for their papers again although, other students simply could not provide these. I had to only trust on their words of how they performed on our class room exams. This was truly a very frustrating experience.

So, to hear about existence of Hard Drive Recovery is quite a relief. There are a number of hard drive recovery companies but what is most distinct with DTI Data is that they offer up front, flat rate pricing for all their hard drive recovery services except for those whose drives were open outside DTI Data classrooms. Best of all, they offer no cost for no data recovered. That is quite fair offer to me. Further, they do remote data recovery services and offer harddrive repair quotes for free.

Now, companies have acknowledged the importance of computer technology for their data banking and information services. Thus, they keep important files in their hard drives. But these information are normally kept in Redundant Array Of Independent Disks or RAID technology for faster, safer and more spacious access and storage. But, if technology fails too, DTI Data offers RAID Data Recovery for very reasonable rates.

They are highly recognized by major hard drive manufacturers, so, you are pretty assured that you will only get impressive results from them. To top all these, DTI Data engineers were cited by PC World as Hard Drive Gurus.

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