Monday, August 24, 2009

Have Fun in School

Having been a scholar and honor student until college had been rewarding but not at all socially fun. I missed school functions a lot and gimmicks with friends.

When my former boss recalled how I dressed during college, she would just say, I was a "tomboyish" with my loose pants and shirts. I did not pay much attention with how I looked but instead focused on how my grades ranked against my expectations.

Perhaps, I started to look beyond the old geeky me, when I began teaching and got married. My mother-in-law gave me loose diamonds as a present and started to taking care of myself and changed my entire closet to something elegant, fashionable and chic.

Since then, I became a "fashionista" teacher and I love the feel of it. So, whenever I can, I tell my students to take their schooling seriously but to have fun in the process. That way, they leave college without regrets.

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