Saturday, September 5, 2009

Computer - Related Health Problems

I have been working with computers for almost two (2) decades now. And, I sure have had my fair share of computer-related health problems.

Typical of these concerns include strained eyes, head, shoulder, neck, back and wrist pains. Further, unusual hygiene practice (staying too long that you tend to hold yourself from the regular baths and comfort room calls, hahhahahah!), stomach indigestion or spasms all because you miss most of your meals, basic hygiene calls and sleep.

But, when you are older, these unusual work habits can bring more problems than the ones experienced by the young.

At least, there are some companies now who do take care of their IT professionals, the way Seattle personal injury attorneys do.

When I started blogging, I spend 12-18 hours a day before my PC. So, I normally wake up each morning with a stiff shoulder and a deprived sleep.

To reduce if not eliminate these health issues, we can always take a break from our computer usage, and try other preventions like putting monitor filters, adjusting monitor resolutions, adjusting sizes and color, changing typing posture to name a few.

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