Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Even Web Hosting Gets Glitches

As an IT graduate, we were taught that a system is never 100% complete because upgrades are constantly there to have better services and to have more delighted clients. Thus, systems with minor glitches may be tolerable but not if these happen more than usual. They can simply piss off not just techie - savvy persons but also ordinary clients.

My sister had this problem when she purchased her own domain for her blogs. And, since she used the blogs for commercial reasons, the glitches simply caused her income and duty to her clients. I could be pissed off myself if the same thing happened to me. She could only write a complaint to her webhost and request for a refund, but she thought to just endure her former webhost because the domain change may compromise her blog traffic.

So, it is nice to know that there is gobbler hosting that offers cheap web hosting without compromising quality and service. They offer as low as $3.67 for unlimited disk space, domain hosting and money-back guarantee for undeserved satisfaction. Best of all, they offer reviews that can be compared side - by - side with other companies.

I normally advise my students that when they need to get a web host, it must be evaluated against these criteria: 24/7 technical support, reliability, disk storage, price, speed and positive reviews.

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