Sunday, September 27, 2009

Knowing Different Learning Styles

Conventionally in school, teaching instructions include only lecture type where only very minimal interaction among and between students and teacher.

However, studies show that students do have various learning styles, meaning one student may learn through different ways topics or skill being taught. Some may learn a skill or an idea while listening to music or watching TV. Others may want to learn in a crowded area while some may stay in a secluded room. My kid however, learns more by seeing things than just by reading it to him or story-telling.

I learn more by reading and hands-on practice otherwise theories or talk won't do good. I learn better if I stay in a secluded room or by the window or door or on top of sinks.

The following are the different learning styles:

1. Structure of Lessons - students learn with logical sequence of contents
2. Sociological - students learn through peer teaching or activities
3. Auditory - students learn better through listening like class discussion or lectures
4. Visual - Students learn through various ocular simulation like graphs, maps, and etc.
5. Tactile - Students learn through hands-on activities.

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