Thursday, September 3, 2009

Missing My IT Masteral Studies

I did start with my second masteral degree in Information Technology last year. I hurdled through the hectic schedules of overloaded teaching loads with weekend masteral schooling in another city and business along the side. I finished one year of the program but had to stop last summer and this semester to give way for family and rest.

However, I missed the last year of my degree. So, I have to wait until next summer to finish what I have started last year.

My parents and sisters had asked me not to go schooling again but I simply want to earn the degree for my profession and growth. It was terribly difficult but just like any student, one can only persevere and work harder. I only wish I can also finish it.

My other classmates may have completed the program, but, what is more important is for me to earn my degree even how long it takes.AJA Rosilie!

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