Thursday, September 17, 2009

Perceived Object Oriented Programming

When I was in college, we were using Dbase 3+ and migrated to Foxpro for DOS. The source codes for everything would have to be written from interface to functionality. It was a gruesome experience but I learned to use the commands and to realize the logic and solution through correct syntax and semantics.

But as technology evolve, so is programming paradigm. In school, we are employing C, C++ and JAVA as few of the object-oriented software. If I have to review OOP just like what experts give in their colon cleanse review, I find OOP easier in designing but difficult in bridging all the objects and forms and their backend together. I had this struggling experience when I made the General Ledger System of our store through JAVA Netbeans 6.1 with MySQL.

I am not an expert in Java programming nor in OOP but this new paradigm is way easier than the conventional programming methods employed by the old folks before.

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