Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Some Good Points to Ponder as a Software Developer

Software Development is never easy. Each programmer may have his own unique way of solving it and one can not at all underestimate the skills of a programmer except when you check his works and his codes.

When I was in college, we were only exposed to FOXPRO for DOS and it was all hard-coding of syntax and logic. But, technology changes as fast as software. So, I went through Visual Basic, then Java programming. All these in years interval; so, just imagine the struggle I went through with the shift but I did learn through tips and guidance of other experienced programmers, some trial -and- error works, and working only on the basic requirements first.

Somehow, these helped me keep my projects on time and working although not all decorative features are there but having a solid starting program is much better than all with styles but short with functionality.

But, it pays to have some good laughs from the tips and teachings of other developers. Do check the site of CODING HORROR.

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