Thursday, September 10, 2009

Websites Can Be Dreadful or Fun!

I actually have more than four (4) blogs, three (3) of which are of domain web hosting. The webhosting application was all easy and cheap at $10.00 annual subscription. I think the rate is reasonable enough. However, it was only at a later time that I have known a website that actually evaluates performance of web hosts against their criteria of technical support, reliability and price among others. If I have known more info earlier before I had my blogs got their domains, most likely, I would be getting cheaper rates at uncompromised performance.

My sister did not share similar convenience when she first applied her two (2) blogs under GoDaddy webhosting. She had been having technical problems that her blog traffic and earnings were severely affected. She could only ask for a money payback but the site explained the technical glitch and corrected it eventually.

I guess, the idea here is that big or small websites for commercial use or not should be given opportunities to be web hosted at better performance and support. Free webhosting is definitely most preferred, but not if I shall be getting all the pains and troubles of maintaining the sites. I don’t mind paying at all if I am assured of much guaranteed quality service.

How do I actually evaluate web hosts? I consider price, technical and time support, reliability, speed, storage and reviews of other users.

So, I appreciate that there is actually a free website that ranks web hosts according to criteria similar to my standards. It is only a frustrating revelation that my web host only ranks at the bottom part.

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