Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bad Students and Irresponsible Teachers

Schools do hold higher standards of morality and ethics most especially among sectarian schools. I remember that in my Catholic school, values are as important as academics. But, when students do something nasty and grave, it can only serve justice where it is due.

But, when teachers misbehave, the school is less considerate. I guess this is understandable since teachers are expected to hold high morality and wisdom than their students.

There were cases of teachers having sexual harassment or abuse or dishonesty committed against their students. And, I can't only feel disgrace for these teachers that I favor legal complaints against those who have overused their authority. There are indeed legal experts for these not only for those who have ill - used their profession that they need legal experts including Bronx medical malpractice lawyer.

I am no righteous but I only say that as mature individual, I hold greater responsibility for younger people. It is only a sad and frustrating idea that some don't share the same principle.

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