Saturday, October 24, 2009

Being a Teacher, Parent, Friend and Mentor

Being a teacher is more than a job. I guess staying in the same old job for long can make the job part of your lifestyle. I am a teacher in and out of school. What I pretty like about teaching is that I am still called "Maam" even if my students had graduated or transferred or stopped already or even got married for years.

Whenever, there are delinquent students, I normally talked to them as a parent but if after listening and counseling wont help, I can only hope that they will have their thoughts straighten up.
Now, that I have seen my students who are doing well while others are losing their lives, I can only feel heartaches that I cant do much for them and that I am away from them. It seems like I have become their extended parent.

Sigh! this job is indeed underpaid but overworked and emotionally draining, but I wont have it otherwise.

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