Saturday, October 3, 2009

Excursion for Teachers and Students

As previously cited and posted in this blog, excursion or field trip is vital in every individual, may he be a professional or a student to go through an excursion or off-site exploration for further professional development.

There are indeed some things that a teacher or a book cannot teach that only experience can truly compensate.

We had tried local field trips first but with online discount promotions on air fare, travel abroad has become more inviting. That is why, it is nice to know that there is free reservation of hotels including barcelona hotels in Spain which is considered as one of the highly preferred tourist destinations because of the cultural heritage of the country and unique lifestyle and traditions of their people.

There are also rome apartments should you go on pilgrimage including Pilgrimage Rome for religious or spiritual encounter.

There are now a number of countries or states like Prague, London or New York which are considered best tourist destinations because of great services, fantastic travel package and great scenery. And, who would not forget Carribbean destinations?

I always believe that we can always mix business with fun. So, excursion can be for formal training or education but we can always have fun before and after this serious business and enjoy what the country may offer.

My students and fellow teachers could only wish that we will have our own chance of having an excursion abroad.

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