Saturday, October 24, 2009

Reunion With Former Students

I am currently staying in my old home city, Zamboanga for 7 years and shall be back to Gensan on Monday. I could not go home without really seeing my old students. So, when my former subordinate, now the OIC asked our former students for an outing with me, a number responded.

They asked when I would come back but I can smile at them and said, I am still on indefinite leave since I am enjoying my stay in Gensan.

We did stay on a beach resort with meager meals but with bounty laughs. I quite missed them a lot that we did some catching ups with updates.

We bid goodbye late in the afternoon, but I can only feel sadness since I quite miss being a teacher and a parent to them. I guess, this is what money and other profession can have, a personal touch on the lives of your client.

I only wish that they would have better life in and out school. Well, we can only wait for the next time I can be with them again.

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