Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Running After School Programming Deadlines

Now that it is October, students and teachers are quite busy with creating, submitting and checking of projects and papers.

I quite remember that when deadlines are due, we would sleep lesser and lesser just to accomplish what was asked from us. We normally stayed in our groupmate's house just to finish the works and continued at home and in between classes.

School projects are really draining, financially or otherwise. I just remember that during school days, budget was scarce that we could only afford cheap food, school necessities and other essentials. And, now that Chirstmas holidays are near, students can only afford what is within their allowances including dating and buying of accessories like artificial christmas tree.

But, in spite of the hard work of student life, there is always fun in school especially, you have good times with your buddies, partners or professors. I guess, it is always the memories that delight more.

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