Tuesday, October 6, 2009

School Leave for Flooded Areas

It has been two weeks since the country was afflicted by typhoon Ondoy My sister in Manila experience the turmoil of the heavy rain and deep flood.

However, the country and other OFW grieved more as properties and lives were lost because of this natural disaster.

Although, the storm is a natural phenomenon, I can only blame the people for what is causing the world wide natural calamities including earthquake, tsunamis particularly in India and elsewhere. The tremendous climate change and irresponsible environment use only adds up to the cause of the problem.

Now that victims reside in evacuation center including classroom or upland areas for the evacuees, classes were suspended. I wonder if this calamity happens to other countries where irresponsible nature management and panama city beach rentals proliferate.

Days after the heavy storm, individuals in afflicted areas are still flooded but they have to go to work or school to resume their usual life.

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