Saturday, October 24, 2009

School Vacation is Up!

Finally, the time that every student and teacher is waiting for has come, semestral break indeed! I came to my old home school for my orthodontics treatment and I sure have big expenses in spite of the dental discounts.

I however, missed some of my students since the visit was scheduled during their breaks. Although, my former subordinate was kind and generous enough to call our former students together for a beach outing. I can only be happier!

We can't just wait until I can be with them and have fun together. Some of my former students have babies already while others are employed and some were depressed. As a former teacher, I can only feel their pains and triumphs. Sigh!!!! If only I can erase their misdoings and misgivings and give them happiness instead. I guess, this is all part of living a life in responsibility and wisdom.

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