Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Meeting My Old Student from Eon Years

Over the eleven years of teaching, I had worked among four colleges and one high school. And, over those years, I cant hardly remember all the faces and names of my students.

However, when I went to check one boutique, I somehow noticed a beautiful lady looking back at me. I was about to leave when he said, " Did you teach in Notre Dame before?" I simply replied "yes." He then told me he was my student. Don't get me wrong, since my student is a certified gay.

I did look at him well and I can hardly remember the old features. He can still remember me after 9 years.

I can only feel happier that somehow, my students can remember me and that they have become better after school.

I wish to remember them all but I think that is simply impossible. I can only enjoy the time with them while it is possible. But, I wish them better and productive future after schooling.

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