Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Online Schooling Rocks!

Now that second semester is officially open, students and teachers do flock the streets to head to schools and elsewhere. Students from remote place simply have to endure the long travel back and forth to attend to their classes.

This is also true among graduate students. Personally, I have to commute from one city to another to attend to my Saturday graduate school class. Unfortunately, some courses have to be taken from other remote cities that regular commutes are simply impossible and impractical. This can worsen if the student is working.

Thus, it is wiser and helpful that an online degree can be deeply considered. I found this online university that offers online graduate and undergraduate schooling for IT, Business, Healthcare and Education Programs. And, since they are a non-profit organization, the tuition is almost 50% cheaper than other academic institutions.

Online education is quite acceptable especially if the student resides in a remote place, or if he is working with irregular schedules or if he wants to learn at his own pacing. However, it can be difficult if the students are not at all serious with education and not self - motivated.

In my case, I wish to try online IT degree for my masteral schooling. This works well since my undergraduate course is inclined with IT.

What I quite like with this online university is that their graduates are recognized by the industry and other institutions in the entire states of America. Thus, students do not have to feel insecure about not attending school the conventional way.

Payments of tuitions can be made through credit card or cash or financial aids. I must say, this school is really geared towards helping students earn their degree and their success.

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