Monday, December 28, 2009

Some Practical Study Tips

As posted in my previous article, I did say that I feel too bad that my students had earned poor scores from their first term exam.  I feel so low as a teacher since student performance also speaks of how good or bad a teacher can be. Although, it may not be true at all times since a likable teacher  may not be a competent teacher too. Sigh, I only wish my students learn a lot from me and from their self - learning.

I did well as a student before and as a teacher for over a decade, let me share the following practical tips I personally find effective.

1. Work on assignments and other activities thoroughly. Sometimes, a book or two may not be enough to help you. Help from the knowledgeable may spell greater improvement too.

2. If things are not clear, discover  and rediscover them. It is better if a concept is understood than simply memorized, this way, one can work around the concept comfortably.

3. Prioritize schooling first among anything else. 

4. Don't mind going the extra mile just to learn.

5. Have fun once in a while.

6. Study in advance. You will have that prime edge over your classmates and you can further comprehend the lesson better.

7. Go with friends who share the same priorities with you. 

8. Use study room with ample resources, comfortable furnitures and light fixtures  for sustaining mood.

9. If you don't like the teacher, fine but don't hate the subject. Think that the teacher shall be done in a semester, but poor grades cant be undone.

I guess with the tips above, a good A grade can just be earned by anyone.

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