Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Teaching Students of Technology and Life

Teaching is never easy. Not only that it is underpaid, it is also overworked. But, I shall remain in teaching and will continue teaching even it means doing this on part - time basis. I did full time work in teaching for eleven years and I guess it is in my mainstream to teach among the young minds.

Now, that I have my business and tried a high - paying job, I won't give up the passion I have for this underpaid-overworked job.

Whenever I can, I relate academic lessons to real - life situations usually experienced by students. May these be relationships, other works, family or occasions. I believe building IQ and EQ is equally important.

And, I know I did well as I meet my student off campus over the years, they remain grateful and thoughtful. Sometimes, I get unexpected texts, calls or wedding invitations to share in their moments of fun or sad times.

I can only be prouder because I see them that they are ok and doing well. I may not have touched everyone's heart but I sure did my best for them.

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