Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Web Hosting For Less

My sister had experienced again another distressful days when her domain blog was deactivated by a known site since it experienced some technical glitches. The same feedbacks were given to her by her visitors – friends. Thus, she complained again for the nth time to the domain provider. She had prior negative experiences with her other blogs that I told her to inform the web host for domain cancellation.

I could only sympathize with her since her blogs are used for earnings and with technical glitches like web hosting difficulties, she is  actually deprived of any potential income. Most likely, she will not simply renew the annual hosting.

Whenever I can, I tell my students that to choose a web host based  not only on the price but also on the features like reliability, technical support, speed, storage among many things.

And with Internet, there are simply too many web hosts but we can’t really tell the same performance for everyone. Good thing, there are reviews about web hosts. From these, a client can only choose the best service provider.

Further, I told my students that it can be cost – effective to go for best reseller hosting particularly web hosting choice. The features are the following:

• 24/7 Dedicated RESELLER Support

• Free Private Name Servers
• FREE Automated Billing
• Free Templates
• NO Contracts!
• Unlimited Money Back Guarantee
• Free INSTANT Setup

With the incentives above, one can only get the best worth for a very reasonable web host reselling rate. 

In this great time of economic recession, it is only practical to get the most out of any service or product paid. We can only choose what can be most cost  - effective even for web hosting.

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