Thursday, January 14, 2010

Appreciative Students

I quite like to dress up into something elegant but fancy. And my students can only praise what  I wear and put on.

But, I have to constrain my fashion style since schools prohibit excessive dressing. I  can only feel comfortable with my lady students that sometimes, I give them tips with how they should dress up and look like.

Although I say to my students that clothings are only superficial since how we perceive ourselves among others may make a difference in the way we manifest our personality.

Weight problems may  contribute to ill perception of their personality. Thus, strategies are there to help these problems addressed. These  can include supplements for weight loss,  diet,  and exercise.

So, even if I teach IT or computer education, somehow, I teach among my students values of self - preservation and respect too. This will  tell them they must not wait for others to appreciate them before they can appreciate themselves.

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