Friday, January 15, 2010

Attention IT Professionals: 2010 Best Careers

Do IT jobs gone slim this 2010? I don't think so. This is actually confirmed by this article.   US Department of Labor has cited the following promising careers that promise sustaining opportunities.

IT professionals are indeed not scheduled for recession.

  1. Computer software engineers, applications 
  2. Computer support specialists
  3. Computer software engineers, systems software
  4. Network and computer systems administrators
  5. Network systems and data communications analysts
  6. Desktop publishers
  7. Database administrators
  8. Personal and home care aides
  9. Computer systems analysts
  10. Medical assistants
  11. Social and human service assistants
  12. Physician assistants
  13. Medical records and health information technicians
  14. Computer and information systems managers
  15. Home health aides
  16. Physical therapist aides
  17. Occupational therapist aides
  18. Physical therapist assistants
  19. Audiologists
  20. Fitness trainers and aerobics instructors
  21. Computer and information scientists, research
  22. Veterinary assistants and laboratory animal caretakers
  23. Occupational therapist assistants
  24. Veterinary technologists and technicians
  25. Speech-language pathologists
  26. Mental health and substance abuse social workers
  27. Dental assistants
  28. Dental hygienists
  29. Special education teachers, preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school
  30. Pharmacy technicians

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