Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Draining School Works Again

Since the resumption of school classes this January, my days and nights have been filled with lectures, quizzes, class records, hand outs and laboratory works.

I quite feel dragging from all the teaching works but work is work and I can't imagine myself doing something else other than business and teaching.

But, the feeling is not exclusive since some of my students fail to attend classes for something more fun. I wonder where they go whenever they are absent or skip class. 

The funny thing about college teaching is that I  get to teach various types of students, some are older than I do. This quite makes me uneasy especially when they began losing hair or something personal comes in the way.  I normally just around they like when I tease them about   hair growth shampoos   or that when I spend more time with them than their younger counterparts. 

It is always draining to teach but I shall remain in love with it.   I guess it is when my students see me off the school and still remember me after years of teaching them that makes the experience more worthwhile.

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